Accounting Careers Internships

An internship is a great way to get your accounting career started while you are still a student. Many internships in accounting careers are paid, but some might be unpaid. Either way, you will gain a great deal of useful experience in an accounting internship that will give you an edge when you are ready to apply for a full-time position. Through an accounting internship, you can gain experience interacting with clients and get used to accounting software and technology. You will also get a chance to experience the corporate culture where you intern and will learn the best ways to interact with colleagues and superiors. If your internship goes well, you may even be offered a position from the employer you interned for after you are finished with your accounting degree.

  • Sometimes, you have to be creative in order to find an internship that is right for you. Check with your university’s career services office. They may have a list of companies looking for accounting interns and can provide you with suggestions on how to write your résumé and cover letters. You can also look for accounting internships through job listing websites.
  • Sometimes, there may be internship opportunities that are not widely publicized. Look up accounting firms and other potential employers in the location where you wish to intern. You can send a letter of inquiry to these organizations stating what kind of position you are looking for and asking if you could be a good fit. Some employers may not realize that they could benefit from an intern until you contact them, and they could be willing to create a position for you.

Do not hesitate to ask around as much as possible about potential internships. Networking is often a very successful way to ferret out opportunities. If you already hold a student position, you might consider asking your current employer to expand your duties so that you gain some experience in the accounting field. Nearly all businesses and nonprofit organizations must deal with their finances in some capacity, so no matter what industry you are working in, you may be able to fit some accounting experience into your job.

Some internships are designed for students to complete during their summer break, while others are meant to be part-time during the academic year. Think about your schedule to decide which structure is best for you.